Hanneke and Subash Taneja, together make inspiring miniature matchbox altars for your home and travels. Subash, reaching back to his Indian roots and the skills he gained from his profession as an architect, makes the doors, capping the creations with exotic eastern forms and then paints them in the brightest colours.
Hanneke then decorates these mini chapels with a variety of beautiful materials and finally adding  little statues.

You’ll find temples with a miniature Buddha, a miniature Maria, a miniature Ganesh or even a miniature Christmas nativity scene. Their frequent travels to India are a constant source of inspiration for their choice of pictures, colour and decoration.

Those who buy a miniature temple, often speak of intending it as a present for someone else, to give some encouragement or support. A little temple next to your bed may offer consolation. These matchbox temples being very handy in size can be easily placed in a private or personal spot or altar.

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