SHEKAWATI in Rajasthan is culturally one of the richest region. Rajputs (rulars) built Forts and Palaces with tremendous rich Art and Architecture . Marwaris (buisness casts) built the famous Courtyard houses called Havelis.

More than 5000 Havelis stood in the region between 18th and 2oth century rich with thousands of colourful Frescos with stories from Krishna and Rama

Marwaris have left now for Bombay and Calcutta. SHEKAWATI is now mostly abandoned and at present the biggest “Art Graveyard “ in India.

Haveli Arts in Amsterdam made a few “picture -altar-collage” from this “ vanishing” Art from Shekawati.

size 22×22 cm. In wooden frame
Price €29, 50 per collage
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